This is some of the things I’ve written and published on various sites. Everything from FAQs, papers and essays to how-to’s.

  • Projektarbete FreeBSD (ZFS & Jails)
    This is a project I did on ZFS and Jails in a FreeBSD course. It’s written in Swedish.

  • Fördjupningsarbete om penetrationstestning
    This is one of the papers I’ve spent most time on. It’s a swedish paper on penetration testing and covers everthing from physical security to IT, telecommunication, radio and social engineering.

  • Lecture slides on ZFS
    These are my slides for a lecture I gave during my time a EC Utbildning about ZFS. Note that the slides are in swedish.

  • Lecture slides on Bash
    These are my slides for a lecture at a study group I gave during my time at EC Utbildning. They are about programming in general and the Bash scripting languge.

  • Anteckningar gällande datakomm
    This is the notes I wrote during the course “Datakomm” (networking) at EC Utbildning. They are quite thorough so perhaps they can be useful for someone. Note that they are in swedish though.

  • Notes on configuring Postfix to work with an SSL and SAS enabled relay host
    A short How-To on how to setup Postfix to send mail through an SSL and SASL enabled relay host

  • Mumble FAQ
    A FAQ for Mumble, written in swedish. I wrote it as a part of my hobby business.

  • Flytta en slav DNS (bind9 och .SE Domänhanteraren
    A short swedish how-to document on how to move a slave DNS to a new server and update the appropiate files and the IP number with the registar .SE.

  • Utöka lagringsutrymmet i en virtuell hårddisk
    Another short swedish how-to document, this one describes how one can expand a virtual disk by using various open source tools.

  • HowTo för Proxmox VE-kluster
    This is a swedish how-to on setting up a cluster with Proxmox VE nodes. It was originally written as a lab report for school and later re-written as a how-to. This document is also avaliable as a XHTML document

  • Fördjupningsarbete om Git
    This is a lab report about Git I wrote last year at school.

  • Presentation slides for a Git lecture
    This is the corresponding slides for the work on Git above.

  • Quick fix for pfSense/Snort enable/disable rules bug
    This is a quick fix for a problem I had with pfSense and the Snort package. It turned out that when updating the rules all your cusomized enabled/disabled rules got resetted and went back to original enable/disable state. After googling for a solution I found that many people where having the same problem. So this little quick fix is what solved the problem for me. It was posted in the pfSense forum on 2012-04-17.